7 Ways to Use 3D Animation


3D animation is a huge contribution to contemporary marketing and its surprises. The world is using this art form at an unbelievable pace. No wonder how 3D animation is leading the way in marketing on a larger scale.

The execution of 3D animation is not limited. Its dominance is prevailing in different industries today. The way it engages with the audience is excellent. 

Today, you will see many brands using animated videos for different purposes.

Such animated content invites tons of creativity and amends as well. So that a brand can use this technique their own way. Whatever the motive behind using 3D animation, it all ends in “delivering the message”.

You will get to know about different methods of using 3D animation. But before that, we will see what makes 3D animation important.


Importance of 3D Animation


Importance of 3D Animation

One of the prominent benefits of using 3D animation is better interaction. A brand relies on 3D animation to conversate in a compelling way. It can be with its audience or its operating team.

The art of 3D animation is not hidden. Marketing content is now revolving around 3D animation due to many reasons. These reasons make 3D animation attractive to consider to shatter your rival’s confidence as well.

Below are some pointers that depict the importance of 3D animation:


  • Higher Conversion Rate:

3D animation videos are much more convertible. Animated ads can drive more people to buy your products and services. When a person from your audience clicks your ad, there are higher chances of conversion as well.

These videos are becoming an undetachable part of many brands. One of the major reasons is the higher conversion rates. Established and emerging brands can use 3D animation to bring dead or zero conversions to life by using 3D animated content. 


  • Improves  Brand Awareness:

Nobody will buy from you if they don’t see you often on their screens. Since we are now becoming digital Your audience needs you to show up on a frequent basis.

But that’s not enough! Why not show up using 3D animation? Such content will make more people aware of your brand. What does it do for them? Why they should pay heed to you? 3D animation would become a huge answer to these questions and more.


  • Impressive Product Launches:

A brand does not depend on just one product. It has to launch more products in the future. But in any case, it fails to do so. 3D animation would become its lifesaver.

A company can use 3D animation to re-launch an old product that is long-forgotten by its audience. So that people would not only recognize it but also won’t stop buying it again.


  • Expedites Processes:

This art form is a complete package. 3D animation content includes music, script, animated objects, or characters. Almost everything that would take whole life if a brand starts working on it.

The best benefit of 3D animation is that it catalyzes the process. It impresses the audience. Drives their attention. Persuades them to buy from you. Increases your conversion and sales.


  • Easy Perceivability:

3D animation when used for marketing make everything easy for your audience. No matter how complicated your services are. 3D animation is the most viable way to break down things for your audience to boost message delivery.

If your brand gets successful make its audience understand what it is for. This would be equally beneficial for you on all counts. Undoubtedly, 3D animation is easier to perceive and understand than any other way of business marketing and its awareness.


What is the price range of animated content?

To talk about this, it is important to understand that 3D animation is an expensive move. If we compare 2D animation to 3D animation, it has a much cheaper price range. But 3D animation cost per minute varies and depends on different factors.

The nature of animated elements in the videos, and the type of animation software used video’s duration matter a lot in determining the cost. The average cost ranges from $5,000 to $100,000 in general projects.


What is the price range of animated content


How to use 3D Animation in different ways?

There is no one way to use 3D animation. From marketing to educational videos, 3D animation can do everything. Different brands consider 3D animation as a unique kind of “audience interaction” that benefits them.

In this section, you will explore some important use cases of 3D animation. The versatility of 3D animation among these examples is interesting. So without any ado, let’s start checking them out.


  • Movies and Games:

These are top-rated use cases of 3D animation and why not! Statistics show that 3D animation is dominating movies and games for many years.

Two of the important steps of the 3D animation process are rigging and modeling which breathe more life into 3D animated characters. This is why kids love such movies and talking animated toys also.


  • Educational Content:

Non-animated activities are boring for youth! 3D animation is important for educational purposes. Since it enhances the ability to understand tough concepts. Students gain more advantages from such educational videos on a regular basis.

3D animation lightens the intensity of complex concepts. It induces interest in them. Students participate in the learning process. When they enjoy it, they can remember it for a long run with ease.


  • Medical Training:

Medical colleges and universities use 3D animation to uplift the experience of the doctors and medical staff. Medicine science is complex! And 3D animation is the best way to eliminate any failure about it.

Things can go south during medical training. So 3D animated videos can transform intense medical concepts and body functions into easy ones for the trainees. Without any mess, they can enjoy and learn at the same time. 


  • Military Training:

Police and military training is precarious! 3D animation can be a part of such risky training too. There have been many incidents that occurred during police training sessions. 3D animated content does the job of the coaches and training officials. This would eliminate the danger for everyone as well.

This shows that 3D animation has the ability to lower the risk during such training. So that the staff and the learners can focus on the methods and techniques more in a careful and exciting way.


  • Engineering:

The concepts of engineering are complicated. 3D animation can alleviate the intensity of these concepts. Plus technology is also revolving around 3D animation due to its amazing benefits.

An engineer can review different models before launching. Different technological procedures can get much easier to present and understand by different frontiers as well. 


  • Stage Shows:

Live performers are becoming huge fans of 3D animation. These days any stage show can become a nostalgic one due to 3D animated content.

This can be pun intended too. 3D animation can enhance the drama. Make people laugh and memorize what they just experienced for a long time. Any CGI is enough to do this job and make the magic happen for the audience and drama lovers.


  • Architecture:

This can prove to be helpful for architects and builders. Using 3D animation, they can encounter construction models in a new and exciting manner.

3D animation reduces work stress for them. A builder can use animated content not only to analyze a project. But it also will set them in a direction to review the projects on a much deeper level. Thus, it eliminates the flaws in the projects by saving time. 


How to use 3D Animation


Parting Words

The world of 3D animation is off the boundaries. There can be many reasons for it. It is more accessible to its audience. Anyone can have equal access to 3D animated content these days.

Besides, it is covering different industries. The 3D animation domain is becoming more versatile with each day passing. The extensive nature of this art form is yet to unleash more magic upon us in near future.

A brand needs experts for the quality production of 3D animation videos and relevant offers. The Best 3D animation studio rendered by BuzzFlick has made many clients satisfied from them.

You can enjoy their portfolio of 3D animation on their website. Plus, BuzzFlick houses an impeccable team of artists and other professionals that would assist you with your ideas anytime. 



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