Which Jeans are in Fashion Right Now?



Jacob Davis, a USA immigrant tailor from Latvia was requested by one of his customers to create a pair of strong working pants for her woodcutter husband in the winters of 1870.

After thinking over the possible solutions, Davis used duck cloth and reinforced the weak points in the seams and other fragile areas of a pair of pants with copper rivets. An invention that became so popular quickly within the working class that he decided to get his invention patented.


He needed financial and managerial help from a business person for the patent process and approached his regular fabric supplier Levi Strauss for it. There took off the humble story of the legendary Blue Jeans (a term coined by the baby boomers in 1960) with the establishment of Levi Strauss and Co. 


Jeans over the years have gained the cult status of being fashionable throughout the year. Right from the fashion ramps to the remote rural areas, its presence is populated everywhere, making it one of the most recognizable fashion items.

The majority of us have at least one pair of blue jeans in our wardrobes taken out for casual days at the office or even looking super glam on date nights.


Withstanding the test of times and crazy creative ideas of designers, jeans have more or less remained the same with newer and reimagined cuts, fits, and washes created for the market and its fashion-hungry consumers.


Skinny jeans are out! Or have they just taken a long-due break? Your hands might gravitate towards your favorite pair of denim, but it’s fun to experiment with your bottom wear at times. 


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Let’s understand what kind of jeans are in fashion right now.


Wide-legged Jeans


Wide-legged Jeans


Coming out of the pandemic has been both difficult and relieving. Used to our comfy loungewear when working from home, the fear of getting into a body-hugging pair of skinny jeans has been nothing less than a nightmare. Enter the wide-legged jeans and Voila! All your worries are put to rest.


Wide-legged jeans with their ability to make you look in shape have been selling out like hotcakes. Forgiving the extra calories that have been put on during periods of distress, wide-legged jeans are accommodating for every body type and shape.

With the Gen-Z showing its undying love for laid-back looks, the wide-legged jeans are going to be a constant pick in your fashion outings for a while. 


Straight-legged Jeans


Straight-legged Jeans


A more structured sister of the wide-legged wonders, straight-cut jeans has been on the fashion radar with many celebrities and the working class endorsing them without batting any eyelids.

Wearing straight-legged jeans paired with a formal shirt or top wear is perfect for occasions that ask you to look cool yet professional.

It’s a great choice when attending company workshops or going out on a brunch date with your mates. The best feature of straight-legged jeans is their agelessness. You can be 15 or 50, and still pull off a pair of straight-cut jeans like a pro without breaking a sweat. 


Boyfriend Jeans


Boyfriend Jeans


The name here says it all— boyfriend jeans are designed to look like they were stolen ( add ‘borrowed’ for feigning sweet innocence) from your boyfriend.

Boyfriend jeans look similar to another popular style of relaxed-fit jeans— mom jeans. The point of difference lies in boyfriend jeans generally being low to mid-rise and mom jeans being high-waisted. 


Boyfriend jeans don’t stretch as much as skinny jeans. But that’s a good thing as skinny jeans are rather condemned for being too stretchy giving rise to the creation of the dreaded jeggings.

Boyfriend jeans look gender-neutral and are especially popular with the gender-sensitive and aware generations who like to look androgynous. Say goodbye to outdated gender segregation (you should have left way earlier though).


Pick up some matching couple t shirt and gleefully twin with your partner in those boyfriend jeans of yours. When asked, “Are boyfriend jeans in style?”, say it out loud, “Hell yea!”


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High-waisted Jeans


High waist Jeans


There was a split-second scare with the millennials when Gen-Z decided to bring back the Y2K fashion of low-waisted jeans. But thankfully we crossed the wildfire without many injuries.

High-waisted jeans with their reimagined cuts and fits snapped back at the low-intensity talks of reviving low-waisted jeans.

Featuring everywhere under “Jeans in style 2022” high-waisted jeans are going strong with their genuine solution of ensuring that we don’t flabby or lazy.

Tuck in formal or semi-formal top wear and you are ready to rock your presentation in your newly bought pair of high-waisted jeans. 


Torn Jeans


Torn Jeans


A constant cause of annoyance for desi moms, torn jeans, also called distressed jeans, are a hit among millennials and Gen-Z. Flashing their love for extremes, many torn jeans lovers are literally putting on distressed jeans that are ripped off almost from everywhere. 


There is no sign of this fashion trend in jeans slowing down. With an uptick in the number of sales and strongly pursuing the idea of— “Consumer is the King”, torn jeans are going to be flaunted coolly by their wearers who like to go the extra mile to up their coolness quotient.

You can also match some unique couple of t-shirt designs with a pair of torn jeans and walk into your vacation as you own it. 


Darker Washes


Darker Washes


Acid washes along with embellishments have graciously left the podium for darker washes. People have a preference for smart casual looks and darker washes gladly assist them in looking put together.

No time but want to look presentable?  Pick up a pair of dark indigo jeans and slay in your look.


Darker washes when combined with a straight-cut option will rain on compliments like never before. Darker jeans with their relaxed fits look like trousers giving you a larger playground for your fashion choices.


What’s today’s fashion might be tomorrow’s trash. But fashion tends to recycle and upcycle itself. Pick your choice from the above jeans for women in fashion and make an indelible impression on your observers.


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