5 Reasons Furnace Maintenance is Important in the Winter


Technology has advanced significantly, and we now have heating and cooling units that ensure our indoor environment is hospitable depending on the season.

For instance, the HVAC units ensure our houses are warm enough during winter.

For an HVAC unit to perform well, it should be well maintained. Although you have a furnace, it doesn’t mean you understand furnace maintenance or repair. Fortunately, we’ll look into the importance of these below.

If a furnace isn’t well maintained, it cannot operate efficiently. Below, we’ll look into some common furnace issues, and then we’ll delve into why furnace maintenance is essential during winter.


Some of the Common Furnace Issues Include:


Some of the Common Furnace Issues


  • Lack of Maintenance

The furnace has numerous working parts, and for it to perform efficiently and optimally, each of these components needs to be serviced regularly.

You can contact a certified HVAC technician, and they can inspect the furnace. If they notice any issues, they can handle the furnace repair and advise when the next inspection should occur.


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  • Improperly Sized Unit

As you invest in a new heating system, one of the primary considerations is the size of the furnace and the heating output versus the space that needs heating.

If the furnace is small, it will run all the time, which means it will consume more energy, and the house won’t be warm enough.

If the furnace is too large, it will frequently cycle, which is a problem since your home will have time to cool, resulting in higher humidity levels.


  • Dirty Filter

Dirty filters usually result in the furnace operating inefficiently because of reduced heating capabilities and performance.

The air quality will also be low, and the furnace’s lifetime will also reduce significantly. It is advisable to change the filters every three months.


  • The Unit Doesn’t Work/Heat

There are different reasons why the furnace isn’t working.

For instance, the heating unit isn’t receiving power since the circuit breaker has tripped or the fuse is blown. Other issues can be a faulty thermostat and issues with the ignitor or gas line.

If you experience any complications with the furnace, contact an HVAC technician immediately, and they’ll inspect the heating unit and carry out the necessary repairs.


Let’s Now Look Into Some of the Reasons Why Your Furnace Should be Maintained in the Winter


Why Your Furnace Should be Maintained


  • Ensure System Efficiency

Various parts of the furnace usually wear faster than others, especially when used for prolonged periods.

For instance, the air filter can be clogged after extensive use, reducing efficiency since the furnace will struggle to pull air through it.


  • Reduce the Risk of Furnace Failure

Ensuring a professional furnace maintenance company inspects your heating unit annually makes it possible to detect any parts that have already worn down and will be replaced on time before the whole system is affected.

A professional HVAC technician will also lubricate all the necessary heating unit parts and crosscheck the electrical wiring.


Saving on Repair Costs

It usually happens almost annually; homeowners fail to perform routine maintenance, and when they turn on the furnace, it fails to work.

In such an instance, you’ll be forced to spend money on repairs to ensure your home is comfortable during winter.

That shouldn’t be the case. By carrying out routine maintenance, it is possible to save money on costly repairs.


  • Extend the Furnace’s Lifespan

Purchasing a new furnace is costly; however, you’ll be required to buy a new one at some point. By carrying out routine maintenance, it is possible to ensure the lifespan of your current furnace has been extended.

Before the furnace wears out, you’ll have saved enough money to purchase a new one, which will serve you well.


  • Keeping Your Family Safe

The furnace usually produces carbon monoxide. When you carry out routine furnace maintenance, the HVAC technician will check whether there are any leaks in your home and carry out the necessary repairs.

If possible, you can also invest in carbon monoxide detectors.


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Final Thoughts

Are you ready to ensure your furnace operates efficiently as winter kicks in? Contact a reputable HVAC technician who will inspect the furnace to ensure it is working well. If any parts are worn out, they will replace them and advise you when the following routine maintenance should be carried out.


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